Definitely like this more than the original. But probably because it’s a Passion Pit remix. Everything they touch turns to gold.


Marina and the Diamonds - I am Not a Robot Flex’d Rework (Passion Pit Remix)

Here is my latest remix to be released unto the interweb. This will also be included in Marina & the Diamonds first US release - a digital EP titled “The American Jewels EP”.  Marina will be releasing her full length “The Family Jewels” in America later on this year.

March will also see Marina debut US tour, featuring two NYC shows and a trip to SXSW. The Wet Bandits will also be at SXSW - DJing and eating BBQ.

I wrote most of this remix during our Australian tour as a part of Big Day Out. Best Tour Ever. I also made a shorter, less “club”-like edit. Checking with their label if I can post it up here.

For gear dorks - I used Logic Pro, and most the free synthesezer called the Uno-62 - made by Tal -Audio. No talkboxs/vocoders were used on my-end. Also included in the vocal track - just buried in the mix. Oh yeh, and the synth solos (bringing it back) were done using my new Roland Jupiter 6. Best Synth Ever.

- Ayad